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Vodka Watermelon Jelly Shots

Vodka Watermelon Jelly Shots


  • One watermelon
  • Vodka (1 litre )
  • Four boxes of Red Jelly mix (90 grams)
  • Two boxes of unflavored gelatin (30 grams each)

Directions for Preparation

  1. First of all take a bigger chef’s knife and cut open a watermelon in two halves (lengthwise).
  2. Now run the knife round the perimeter of watermelon’s flesh (around one inch from the rind). However, while doing so, be careful and make sure not to penetrate through the watermelon’s skin. Now with the help of a kitchen spoon, make the inner part of watermelon smooth by scraping out the uneven red flesh, so that it appears like a bowl with half an inch red watermelon flesh left over the rind.
  3. Take rimmed baking sheets and arrange them with paper towels in such a manner that they create base for the watermelon bowls. The concept is to prevent watermelon bowls from rolling over while they are kept in the fridge. Place one bowl over the middle of each tray. Set them aside.
  4. Take a bigger mixing bowl and mix the unflavored gelatin & Jell-O mix. Now add four cups of boiling water into it and whisk them for couple of minutes till the gelatin dissolves completely. Add vodka and whisk till mixed properly.
  5. Take the watermelon bowls and pour Jell-O mixture into them in equal quantities. Now place the watermelon bowls filled with Jell-O mixture in the fridge for next 4 hours to allow them to set.
  6. Once the Jell-O is set, you can slice the watermelon bowls into one-inch slices (diagonally) and then cut each one of the slices into two to three wedges and serve them immediately.

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