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Watermelon bowl with vodka punch

Watermelon bowl with vodka punch

What you will need :
1 oblong seedless watermelon 
3 cups soda water
How to prepare your watermelon bowl and vodka punch:

1) Begin by cutting of the top 1/3 of your watermelon.
2) Trim the bottom of the watermelon so that is makes it into a flat surface
3) Begin to scoop our the flesh of the watermelon.
4) Working in lots, puree watermelon in your food processor
5) Strain the mix with a fine sieve and discard the leftovers from sieve.
You should now have approx 8-10 cups of juice
6) Cover the rind with some plastic wrap
7) Put your juice and rind into your fridge for approx 45 minutes to an hour
8) Once chilled Mix your juice with the soda water and vodka ( Up to you how
much you decide to add )
9) Transfer to rind and Enjoy!!!!

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