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Yummy cake flavoured martini

Yummy cake flavoured martini

How to make  a yummy cake flavoured Martini
What you will need:
90 millilitres of Three Olives Cake Vodka
90 millilitres of white creme de cacao
60 millilitres of amaretto
60 millilitres of heavy whipping cream
30 millilitres of Godiva white chocolate liqueur
Rainbow Sprinkles

How to make:
1. Coat rims with sprinkles using the whipped cream.
2. Place some sprinkles on the bottom of your martini glass.
3. Dig in to the sprinkles in order to leave some colour on the sides of the glass.
4. Now combine all your ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake for about 30 seconds.
5. Strain into martini glasses and enjoy!

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