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Yummy Cheesecake Popsicles

Yummy Cheesecake Popsicles

What you will need:

- Eight five ounce dixie cups

- Sticks to place into the popsicles when made

- Eight sheets of graham crackers crushed up

- 2 tbls of melted butter

-Two small packages of cheesecake instant pudding

-Four cups of milk

- Some sliced up blueberries and strawberries

How to make them:

1) Make sure that you crush your crackers into very small pieces.
2) Add in your pudding mix and milk and whisk it together until it is smooth
3) Now add a layer of your crushed graham crackers ( Approx a spoonful)
4) Above your cracker pieces place a few sliced up berries
5) Fill cups up the rest of the way with whats left of the pudding mix
6) Place in your popsicle sticks and freeze until they are set.

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