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Yummy onion Bread

Yummy onion Bread

• Sourdougn bread (One unsliced loaf)
• Thinly sliced Monterey Jack cheese (One pound)
• Melted butter (Half a cup)
• Finely chopped green onion with white part (Half a cup)
• Poppy seed (2 to 3 teaspoons)

Directions for Preparation
1. Take a sharp bread knife and cut the bread in both directions
2. Make sure not to cut all the way through the crust at bottom
3. Now put the cheese slices between the cuts in bread
4. Take onion, poppy seeds and butter and mix them together properly
5. Pour this mixture over the bread
6. Now wrap it under a foil and place it over a baking sheet
7. Bake it for next 15 minutes at 175c
8. Once baked, take the bread out of the foil and then bake for 10 minutes more, till the cheese melts
9. Your bloomin onion bread is ready and can be served immediately

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